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Frequently asked questions.

How can I be certain I will get the right ashes back?2023-01-20T14:17:26+10:00

There is a highly regulated ID system that flows throughout the whole funeral process. At the crematorium the ID process continues and is adhered to stringently. You can look at very detailed  information on many crematoria sites and youtube videos illustrating the process if you want full understanding.

Can I choose to not have the ashes returned?2022-06-14T17:24:22+10:00

You may request to not have the ashes returned after the cremation. If that is your wish, we will require a signature as confirmation. We can then scatter or dispose of the ashes on your behalf.

How are the ashes returned?2023-01-20T14:16:11+10:00

The simplest option is for the Next of Kin to collect directly from the crematorium. But  if this is not an option we can easily arrange to deliver to the appropriate person or registered post the ashes anywhere in Australia. ( Fess apply)

Who do I have to notify that someone has passed away?2022-06-14T17:25:25+10:00

There are a number of institutions and people you should contact to ensure a person’s estate is effectively closed. Our team is here to help you with that, and we’ve also built a comprehensive checklist to help you navigate through the estate administration process.

When and how do I receive a death certificate?2022-06-14T17:25:41+10:00

From the time of cremation, we typically advise a wait time of 3 weeks. At times it can take longer if there is a delay in processing by the state authority. If there is a long delay, we will actively follow up on your behalf.

Why do I need a death certificate?2022-06-14T17:25:55+10:00

Each state in Australia has its own guidelines which tell you how to go about registering a death. Typically you’ll need a death certificate to cancel bills, bank accounts, utilities and administer other parts of the estate.

Are you able to collect anytime?2023-01-20T14:15:44+10:00

Yes we are available everyday, 24/7 to complete transfers. Transfers from Nursing homes, private homes, private hospitals and any other time sensitive location have an additional fee.

Can I call someone or have someone call me to talk through the process?2022-06-14T17:27:11+10:00

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. You can call our 24 hour line – 1300 854 971 anytime. We have arrangers on hand to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. Even if No No No is not right for you, feel free to give us a call, we’d be more than happy to recommend a great funeral director who can help you with a more traditional service.

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