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Coping With Grief

You may be overwhelmed with physical and emotional stress when your loss finally hits home.

It is normal to feel guilt, anxiety, blame, loneliness, depression, sadness, hurt, anger and many other emotions at this difficult time.

These are uncomfortable but common feelings. The emotional turmoil may last for months, and in some cases for years. Times of sadness are never forgotten, but the hurt does eventually heal.

Please don’t hesitate to call a consultant if you or somebody in your family needs help coping with their grief.

Please also find below a list of helpful contacts.

Bereavement Support

  • 24 Hours Grief Support Line: 02 9489 6644
  • Bereavement Care Centre: 1300 654 556
  • Sids & Kids 24 Hours Support: 1800 651 186
  • The Compassionate Friends: 02 9290 2355

Useful Websites