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Who Would Use Us?

We have something to offer all families, and especially those people who wish to separate the practical side of a loved one’s death from its ceremonial and memorial aspects.

The no-fuss services of NoNoNo are particularly appropriate for:

  • Where a person has expressed a wish to have no traditional funeral gathering.
  • Families who have strong religious convictions and a close association with their own church, and would prefer to arrange a service themselves with the coffin present (thanksgiving service), or without the coffin present (memorial service).
  • Families where costs are a concern.
  • Those who wish to take a more active role in the organisation and arrangement of a commemorative service or gathering.
  • People who decide to celebrate a loved one’s passing with a simple gathering at the crematorium chapel for immediate family.
  • Anybody whose work commitments, distance, medical circumstance or other impediments preclude a traditional-style funeral in a timely manner.
  • When a person has died unexpectedly away from home and needs to be transferred interstate or overseas (in conjunction with your local funeral director).
  • When remote family want a cremation/burial to be conducted immediately, allowing a commemoration or service to be held elsewhere at a later date.