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Things To Consider For A Eulogy

  • When and where the deceased was born
  • Nicknames and other names known to others
  • Parent’s names, where they met and married
  • Brothers and sisters and their place in the family
  • Early childhood — localities and interests
  • Schools attended, awards given
  • Academic or trade qualifications and achievements
  • Interesting stories about childhood days
  • Details of any military service
  • Details of marriages, divorces, and other significant relationships
  • Details about children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren
  • Details of any club membership, positions held
  • Details of sporting achievements
  • Details of hobbies or interests, travel, crafts
  • Details of historical significance
  • Preferences, likes and dislikes — activities (e.g. music, theatre)
  • Special stories, sayings, or qualities of significance to others
  • Special reading, poetry or music to be included

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